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Olympia Brno: Fashion Limited Show

Olympia Brno: Fashion Limited Show

New fashion collection of main czech fashion designers captured by our cameras!

Adoz Grand Opening 2019

Adoz Grand Opening 2019

The grand opening of new company headquarters at Adoz Ltd.

AquaBabes casting 2017

AquaBabes casting 2017

A peek behind the scenes of the AquaBabes 2017 casting event!

Zetor at Techagro

Zetor at Techagro

Introducing a revolutionary Pininfarina design for Zetor at Techagro 2016.

Kaktus pillowfight

Kaktus pillowfight

A pillowfight record for a Czech mobile phone operator. Featuring top Czech youtubers and videobloggers.

Remax Convention

Remax Convention

A big day for Czech and Slovak real estate brokers.

Remax Czech

About us what we do

We provide comprehensive audiovisual services in advertising, animation and film production. We divide our time between personal and commercial projects. We love doing both: it’s great fun – and it pays the bills.

We create. As co-producers, we’re behind the action comedy series Stuntmen Ltd we’re also launching a sketch show pilot series for an online TV channel. We shoot viral videos and laugh about the social media comments.

We know a thing or two about marketing. Our directors Luboš Ondráček and Jiří Fabík are experts at turning ideas into exceptional creative solutions. We've crafted commercials which took the media by storm as well as viral videos with millions of views. We know how to capture the viewers' attention: emotions are the key. Positive ones work best, and we know how to cram them into the unlikeliest of places. And that'a good thing for our clients, because emotions sell. Pure and simple.

We are here for you. Would you like to find out more about how commercial videos are made? Read on or contact us right away and we'll tell you all about it over a cup of great coffee.

Commercial videos step by step


A good analysis is essential

What to expect from the introductory meeting

We first need to answer three basic questions:

           1. What is the objective of the video? We need to establish whether you are looking for an ad for your flagship product, a viral video focusing on a new service, a video explaining a new app to your clients, a branded video for your company, a success story featuring your clients or a hiring video for recruiting purposes. We’ll find out whether you are targeting new customers or whether you wish to engage existing clients and partners. In any case, we will ask a lot of questions. We will identify which type of video works best for you – and we'll tell you why. A well-crafted video with a clear message and one main objective tends to work best. And that's exactly what we'll design. Together. Just you wait.

           2. Who are we shooting for? Now that we know what we want, we'll need to define a target group. Are we going to be making a video for children, teenagers or students? For employees or those looking for jobs? Or perhaps for your grandparents? Not sure who you want to target? All of the above perhaps? Certainly not, we know that for sure. Don't worry about a thing, we'll help you find the right focus.

           3. Which platform works best? We’ll discuss whether your video should run on television or feature on social media. Or perhaps whether it would be best screened in the cinema. Or promoted on a corporate website, a campaign microsite or using an offline loop at a trade fair. Each medium and each channel comes with a range of implications for the creative process. 



Each video is unique

Inside the creative process

We collected a fair amount of information during the course of our introductory meeting. Now it's time for the next step. Let's look at the two most common options of what happens at this stage:

Option one: We’ll shoot a viral video that will entertain, shock or move your viewers, break social media channels and reach thousands of potential customers. We've made videos like this before and we are ready to do it all over again. In such cases, the creative process begins with an internal idea contest where selected creatives[DK1]  pitch as many interesting ideas as possible. Although great ideas are said to be priceless, you only need to foot the bill for sketches at this stage. We will then choose the best idea together, finalize a budget and come up with a script. We will discuss the first draft of the script together, modifying it as needed and then developing a final version. Once this has been approved by everyone, we’ll start preparing for the actual shoot.

Option two: We’ll shoot a video about your company or production process. In this case, the creative process takes place wherever you are located. Camera in hand, we will take a tour of your “home base” in order to find out anything and everything we need in order to develop a script which fully meets the requirements you expect of the video. We will then finalize the budget and prepare for the shoot.

Prior to production, the script will be checked by one of our external copywriters. If you like, we know how to go international. We’re more than happy to arrange high-quality translations and copywriting for a multilingual version of your video.


What happens on set

The shoot

Perfect project preparation saves time and money. In addition to professionals and equipment, the budget will need to accommodate for actors, location rental, costumes and props, right from the moment the cameras start rolling. In case we'll be shooting at your company headquarters, you also need to factor in your employees' time. All the more reason for a thorough preparation stage. This may cover a wide range of activities including site inspections, consultations with the director, cinematographer and other film professions, location choice and organization, casting, costume rehearsals and the production or purchase of props, costumes and backdrops. Last but not least, it is essential to obtain the necessary permits, most often for aerial work with drones or for shooting in public spaces.

We come prepared for each and every shoot, both in terms of personnel and technology, so that efficiency and uncompromising quality reign supreme on set. We are fully capable of covering medium-sized productions with our own camera, lighting, sound and grip equipment. For larger productions or in the case of special requirements, we rely on trusted rental houses. 


Postproduction magic from A to Z


Postproduction begins with a working edit of shot footage. The first rough cut only includes elements essential for your preliminary approval, i.e. titles, graphics, animation, effects, and an approximate voiceover. Once you give us the go-ahead, we pull out all the stops. In addition to finishing the above-mentioned components, we fine-tune the edit, color grade the image and prepare the sound design, final voiceover and sound mix. As for music, we can either provide an original soundtrack or make use of tried and tested music banks.


How to get millions of views

Want to go viral?

A thorough analysis of client needs and the right creative choices will ensure that your video finds its viewers, delivers the intended message, and generates revenue. However, before we start celebrating, let's make sure we've made the most of its potential. We'll discuss posting and sharing strategies as well as performance-enhancing tools designed to boost exposure and seeding options for your video on community sites and influencer marketing channels.

In fact, we can prepare a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific needs. We know the right people. Our seasoned online and offline marketing professionals will help you launch the perfect campaign.

Full service advertising campaigns:

Jedeme Kostky, a campaign for KOSTKA - kolobka, s.r.o.

Jedu Kostky, a campaign for KOSTKA - kolobka, s.r.o.

Hej-Ty, a campaign for Nesehnutí

Epicture in the media In need of a second opinion? Here you go

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