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Vaňkovka Guerilla Fashion

Vaňkovka Guerilla Fashion

Client / Brand
OC Galerie Vaňkovka
guerilla fashion show, live stream, online video campaign
event, LED screens in OC, social networks

Online fashion campaign and styling show with a unique guerilla fashion show

Straight to the styling show, including a unique guerilla fashion show
we engaged dozens of models and make-up artists in the streets of Brno.
The campaign reached more than a million people in the region.

Visitors watched the fashion show right in the heart of the Vaňkovka Gallery.
We prepared a designer fashion lounge, where 68 outfits were presented by 34 models.
We combined live footage with prepared graphics and animations.
The video was broadcast live on the central LED panels.

Marketing goals


429 000
campaign reach
1 300 000
ad display
160 000
Video views during the campaign